Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 Minute Catchup: A step in the right direction


Um wow, well over a month since I've last posted to this.  For that matter, I've not been reading any of the blogs I normally follow either.  Hello life!!  I've been INSANELY busy.  But a good kind of busy.  Finals are done and now I'm madly packing for a week and half vacation, so this will be a short n sweet update.

That said, I'll just jump to the heart of it:  Cash got his hocks injected yesterday.  After much poking and prodding and two vets looking at him, we narrowed it down to a FOR SURE thing being that we was extremely sore in both hocks, especially his left.  So I told the vet to just go for it.  She injected the lower two tarsal joints on each hock and we'll go from there as far as seeing how he feels and if we need to do more, we will.
Post injection, poor buddy
I don't recall what exactly she injected, it was 3 different things, I'll get an invoice soon.  He's on bute for a few days and under light exercise only.  In two weeks the injections will have attained their full affect.  I did ride him today and despite a few pissy faces, he DID trot for me under saddle which is huge.  He was not, at all, wanting to do it before.
The kiddo loves horses only a little...
The vet pointed out a few things he does with his hind legs when you pick them up, the way he pulls on it, etc. that indicate hock pain so it'll be interesting to see if those reactions diminish as well.
cookie monster
I'm feeling relieved that we are finally starting to put a dent into this and get him back on the road to being a happy, healthy, athletic thoroughbred.  Especially since he's really starting to come around mentally this spring and I can NOT wait to start doing things with him.  Like jumping.  Man I miss jumping.