Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting to be Derby time!! (and ROLEX!!)


Well, it's that time of year again!! Rolex starts in just a few days (AND I'M GOING TO BE OUT OF THE HOUSE ALL DAY SATURDAY AND UNABLE TO WATCH THE LIVE CROSS COUNTRY FEED!!!! D:) and the Kentucky Derby is just around the corner.

Aside from my minor crisis about this saturday and cross country (maybe I can stream it on my phone.... hmmmmm), I decided to post some thoughts about some of the Derby contenders coming up here soon. I've listed the favorites, because, well they are all I've had time to analyze, I'll take a peep at some of the other entries (they are mostly GII and GIII winners) maybe later this week or next.  So far, my pick is Dullahan, depending on how he works I can see him being a big threat out there. I also like Union Rags and Gemologist.

Union Rags - BIG strong horse, with a powerful running style. Got boxed in during the Florida Derby but once he was clear he made an impressive late run to finish 3rd, if the race had been 1/8th of a mile longer (aka derby length) he would've won.
Dullahan - Another big, impressive horse with a lot of power. Absolutely aced an impresive field in the Blue Grass Stakes this past weekend. I bet he will be a strong challenger in the closing rush. Additionally, he ran the 1 1/8 mile race in 1:47.94 which is a new track record for the polytrack at Kneeland. How will he fare on the dirt? We shall see!
Bodemeister - Got to the front early on in the Arkansas Derby and never looked back, plowing away to win by 9 lengths in a time of 1:48.71 for 1 1/8 mile. Impressive, yes--initially, but looking at the competition? The rest were just not the same quality.
Take Charge Indy - Gutsy little runner, led wire to wire in the Florida Derby with a time of 1:48.79, if Calvin Borel keeps the ride for the Derby he would be a wirey contestant in the end.
I'll Have Another & Creative Cause - Two good horses who ended up neck and neck in the Santa Anita Derby with I'll Have Another just eeking out the win by a nose with a time of 1:47.88 for 1 1/8 mile (granted, on a polytrack). I suspect both to be up there in the heat of things in the stretch run to the wire.
Gemologist - undefeated, he ran 1:50.96 in the 1 1/8th Wood Memorial to hold off a charging Alpha, the time wasn't very impressive, but he was easily able to hit another gear in the stretch when challenged. It'll be interesting to see how many more gears he can hit when the pressure is on.
Hansen - Impressive sprinter, not so sure he has what it takes to go the distance, he definitely seemed to flounder as Dullahan rode him down in the Blue Grass. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...


What to say... well, just that, I've been busy!
Mostly thanks (or not?) to school: I've got term papers, lab reports, exams, and lecture notes coming out my ears. Three more weeks. Three more weeks!!
Needless to say, I've not been able to spend much time at the barn :( Oh well, guess it's alright, Cash has been a bit ouchy on the insanely hard ground for the past month, he's getting shoes on in a week, so that'll help a ton. He's not limping lame or anything, and walks out just fine, but at the trot you can tell he's hesitant to stride out for fear that he would step on a rock or something. Also, he lost a bit of weight in late Feb/early March so we are finally getting that back on him after a couple feed adjustments--you should SEE the small mountain of food this horse eats!!! He's a big boy, no doubt! I don't want to think about the number of calories I'm gonna havta give him when he's in full training for a horse trials, yikes!
Otherwise, the weather is warming up nicely, we are starting to get spring thunderstorms (happy happy happy am I!), and everything is in bloom and getting green. And of course, the ponies are shedding... and shedding, and shedding, and...
So, I'll leave you with a cute picture of Cash. Ishn't he adorabulz?
you has carrots... right?