Sunday, March 13, 2011



My NEW horse!!!! As in, legally mine!!
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures at this point in time as he (or she) isn't even born yet! Actually... isn't even conceived yet if you want to get technical. The long and short of it is, I'm purchasing a foal in utero to be my new Eventing prospect. If all goes as planned, it will be an upper level horse!

I was thinking originally I'd wait until the mare was actually BRED, but as the news got spilled elsewhere online, I figured, aaaahh what the heck, I'll post it here as well. :)

Momma is a lovely Dutch Warmblood mare, standing 16 1/2hh high, is wide as a tank (which is in part to being a brood mare, but still, doesn't bode well for baby fitting into my jumping saddle, oh my...), and has LOTS of GO! She also has done very in the hunters and ammy jumpers.

 Daddy is a Holsteiner, 16.3hh tall, competing Grand Prix show jumping at the moment, and is that beautiful blood red bay color I just loooooove. He's also a nice n tight jumper and has a very forward way of going.

 This baby will be registered as a Dutch Warmblood, and considering how much thoroughbred blood it'll have, should be an excellent Upper Level Eventing prospect!!! I am SOOO excited!! :D To say I'm impaitent would be an understatement. We missed the mare's heat this month, so mid April she should be bred *crosses fingers* I'm counting the days until she comes back into heat so she can be covered let alone until she actually foals in a year, gaaaah I'm never gonna last that long!

On the bright side, it sounds like I won't be without a ride at least for awhile. In addition to having Callie to ride for a few months, another boarder at my barn has said I'm more than welcome to ride her mare, a 21 year old TB mare who is actually rather skilled in dressage. She's horribly out of shape and pretty stiff, but could be a fun summer project. In exchange for getting to ride her I'll give the owner a few lessons here and there.

Well, I think that's it for now, time to start a countdown until baby is here. And time to start thinking of names. They gotta start with an H... hmmm

And one more picture of Daddy, cuz I think he's a hunk ;)


How fun! I actually plunged into that world a long time ago. It was a lovely mare bred for the second time to Hall of Fame, the first foal was stunning. Unfortunately before she foaled I lost my job and they had so many inquiries about this breeding that they gave me my deposit back and I waved good bye.
I was so excited about this, it was really fun, I hope you enjoy the whole process.

Waiting for foals is so very exiting. Both horses look like very nice horses. Do you know how this cross works?

Rising Rainbow - This is the first time this pair will be crossed, so taking a little bit of a chance, but one I'm willing to try, it will be interesting to see what kind of jumping style the foal inherits, momma is very huntery over fences, daddy is obviously a jumper. The mare has had two very nice foals by Just The Best already, and this stallion has been putting babies on the ground that look a loooot like him. With how much TB blood is in both horses, the baby will be a great eventing prospect!

yay yay yay!! I just found you from over on GoGo's blog. I am too excited that someone will be going through the same anticipation as me. My mare is currently at the vet and we are TRYING to get her pregnant. Her cycle isnt exactly cooperating with us at this point, so hopefully the first week of april she will come in. Follow us too so we can chat and keep each other sane as we wait 11 months :)

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