Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Canter Under Saddle


It exists!!! *happy dances*

After about a week and half of focusing on fitness and only cantering on the lunge with side reins (which is definitely improving, her freak-out-run-away moments are becoming fewer and less frequent), I cantered Callie under saddle yesterday. Initially she tried to fight me, and tell me "NO I can't do this!" but I insisted, we had a bit of a discussion about listening to inside rein and inside leg aids, and when I asked for the canter again, she gave it to me. HUZAH!

It is still very unbalanced, and a little rushed, and still definitely not 100% relaxed, but it was without fighting, without her head in the air, without her trying to stop, and she was yeilding to the bit and just, cantering! She did it both ways, it's obviously hard for her to hold, but that will come in time.

It kinda stinks though, I'm probably only going to keep her through the end of May, then I need to start saving $$ for my new horse (which still hasn't been bred, ugh!). I can still go ride her, but it's in a very uneven pasture with not-so-great footing. But, the thing is, by the time June 1 rolls around, when she'll be headed home, is when she'll really be read to start doing more fun things like jumping! Pooey.


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