Monday, June 20, 2011

The Mighty Mouse Hunter


My puppy scored herself a kill yesterday, first one ever. And she was so proud of herself!!

I got home from work and let her out of her kennel and she was running crazed puppy circles around the house so I decided to take the dogs out front to burn some energy playing keep away with each other with the spiffy pink tennis ball (total win for girl dogs btw).

Hubby then came home with our "new" vehicle, so we were checking it out, seeing what needed to be done, etc. As we were doing so, the dogs kinda dissapeared around the vehicles into the neighbor's yard, I knew where they were so didn't think much of it. Until little Maggie comes trotting back into our yard, head held high looking incredibly proud of herself carrying... something... in her mouth.

My husband goes "Is that a mouse? I think she got a mouse!" I look a little closer and sure enough, she has a fat little mouse held in her mouth, and oh so proud of it!!

Now we had to get away from her before she ate it, or worse, brought it into the house. But she wanted nothing to do with us and it became an even bigger game of keep away as she happily galloped around the yard, mouse and all, with one adult and two kids attempting to corral her. LOL

I finally got her scooped up and managed to snap a quick picture of Maggie and her prize before we deposited of the mouse.

The mighty hunter


sick! but strangely adorable :) puppies are so funny how they prance around when they are proud!

Aw, cute! My dog loves to dig up moles and kill them. I'm sure he would eat them too if I let him. He thinks he is quite the skilled hunter.

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