Monday, August 15, 2011

Coming up for a breath of air!


Oh my, crazy crazy life it is here.

Sold my pickup truck, so hustling now to try and find a new vehicle. Think I've found "the one" and will go look at it, depending on it's mechanical soundness we may come home with it. I'm trying hard NOT to have a huge loan on a new vehicle to pay off.

Cuz I wants to still have monies for ponies.

I'm trying my darnest hardest right now to talk Brent into leasing a horse. I've found a mare that I want to trial on lease for a couple months. She's a 1/4 Dutch warmblood (Rampal granddaughter) and 3/4 Thoroughbred. She's super cute, super adorable, a good look in her eye, and a gorgeous sooty bay. Owner has had a family crisis and is selling her horses dirt cheap, needs to get rid of the expense soon of this mare, and is open to just about anything.

So we'll see! Another plus is that I got the promotion at work I was hoping really really REALLY badly for. It's not a huge pay increase, but it's decent, it'll make the paychecks a little bigger, hurray!

The last piece of the puzzle is going to be board for said mare. My boarding barn I found is has filled the open spot (that used to be my spot) so they are full, poooop. So, I'm gonna see if maybe, by some small chance, I could possibly keep a horse over at the private place where I clean stalls. I think they'd be ok with it, we shall see. I'm crossing my fingers!!

Oh yeah, in the mean time, school is starting soon, gotta buy books. Uuuuuggggh


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