Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow Day


Well... my plans to ride Cash this weekend got snowed in. A monster snow storm hit Colorado these past couple of days, dumping a LOT of snow. We got off easy with only 6" of light and powdery snow. However, this made any sort of riding on a green OTTB out of the question. Ah well, my puppy dog and I can still enjoy the snow.

We love snow, we really really love snow!

I wandered out and said hi to Mr Cash, brushed his mane out, fed him some cookies, and gave him some scratches. He has obviously had his mane pulled in the past, he does not even like having his mane brushed, I'm working on trying to trim it up with scissors, it's a work in progress. Overall though, he is getting really friendly and comfortable being caught and being around people! It's awesome and I'm trilled to pieces, I couldn't have asked for a better temperament!
I can has cookies?
 So, now I'm counting down the days till this snow melts and (hopefully) the arena and round pen dry out so that I can work with him again!! I'm rather impatient at the moment. Oh well, I guess this is a good excuse to work on lab reports.... right?


How fun! Your puppy looks adorable sitting in the snow. And Cash looks excited to see you- I bet he can't wait for it to thaw out so you can ride. On what I assume could be the other side of the states, it was in the high 70s today, what a comparison.

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