Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics are upon us!!!


And oh my goodness I'm so excited!! I love the Olympics, I've dreamed long and hard about how I can one day ride my horse in the Olympics. Granted now that I'm older and my family has taken center stage over competing, I realize (and I am OK with) that I am never going to ride in the Olympics. My riding and competition goals are much more reasonable now than when I was a teenager. If I can complete a CCI* I will be one happy camper!
In the mean time, I'll just stalk... errr... follow those who have made that grand achievement of Olympic fame by trotting their horses down centerline tomorrow morning as the Eventing competition gets underway at Greenwich Park in London.
And let me say this: We have a KICK BUTT team this year!!! The list of tallented and overly qualified riders this year was incredibly deep, resulting in a team that truly is the best of the best. Four years ago in hong kong we were scrapped for talent, NOT SO this year!!! We welcome P-Dutty and Mystery Whisper the unbeatable, Boyd Martin and "The Flying Frenchman" Otis Barbotiere, Karen O'Connor and the impressive Mr. Medicott, Will Coleman and Twizzel, and the incredibly talented young rider Tiana Coudray and Ringwood Magister.
The remaining names on the short list that didn't make the team is just as impressive! We have a seriously good chance at a medal this year, if we can pull in the dressage scores I know those horses are capable of, and then jump clean, we are gonna rock it!
The Brits have a really strong team and so do the Kiwis, oh and we cannot forget the Canadians and Germans!! This is going to be an awesome competition!! WOOHOO I'm so excited!!!!
Dressage day 1 starts at 3am mountain standard time (10am London time).... and yes, I am seriously considering getting up and watching it live :D
Until then, I'll leave you with a super adorable photo, my horse is a child magnet. I tell you what, I'm really starting to fall in love with this horse, I just adore his personality!


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