Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back to riding!


Well, it's been a looooonnng time since I've written in here! Being very pregnant and not getting to ride at all really put a damper on my enthusiasm to write blog posts. But, thankfully we are past that now! My little bundle of joy arrived on October 15th and I've officially been back in the saddle for 2.5 weeks!!

It really didn't feel like I hadn't ridden a horse in over seven months, it just felt like I was getting on a strange horse and learning his buttons. The first couple of times I just walked, then walk/trot. And then my old trainer, who is also a good friend, came to visit and she gave me an impromtu lesson. WOW have I developed some bad habits over the past several years - I probably haven't had a lesson in over 3 years. I really need to start riding with someone. Anyway, she drilled my butt, and made me realize how stupidly out of shape I was.  I may not have lost any skill, but I sure lost a lot of fitness! However over the past couple of weeks I've really felt like that fitness is quickly coming back, core strength though is still lacking.

As for Cash, I quickly determined that he had a good basic set of skills as far as bending, transitions, and steering go, but the connection and engagement was quite lacking.  I've thus been really working on that connection, getting him on the bit and pushing with his hind end, which is no easy task--for a thoroughbred he's lazy!!

I'm also starting to get him out of the arena, I took him on a trail ride with a friend a couple days ago, we went down the road to a neighbor's place where there is a small galloping track dragged in the pasture and we walked/trotted around that and came back. He was SUPER good! Well, aside from the scary horse eating mail boxes, he was terrific. They have some large logs sitting out in the field (read: cross country jumps!!!) that I need to ask the owner's if I can have permission to jump them.

In short, this horse is SUPER FUN and I am so excited to be riding him again!


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