Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend update


First on the docket...

I jumped Cash!!!

Granted it was only a 12" cavaletti, but he jumped it so therefore it counts.  Turning is still a bit iffy, especially when asking him to do an inside turn at the canter on the quarter line, haha yeah that reeaaaally felt like trying to turn a boat!

Our jump!
He's such a natural jumper, he felt awesome, just smooth and fluid with his body in the air.  I can't wait to feel what he's like over a solid 3' oxer.  He's going to be a beast. 

Though, it was so funny, on the other side of the arena I had three trot poles out, which I then moved all together to make one big trot/canter pole.  The first time around Cash took a big look at it, sat back on his haunches and leaped over it like it was an advanced sized ditch... Oh horse!!
the "ditch"
As we were cooling out I was walking him over the cavaletti for more practice picking up his feet, well he wasn't paying attention (hence the practice) and caught his back feet on it and stumbled over it, in the process knicking himself pretty good on one fetlock, it was a teeny cut but he then stood there like a big baby holding his back leg way up in the air.  He eventually walked out of it ok, after I convinced him that his leg was really still functional.
You would've thought he cut his leg off the way he
reacted to this!
I tell you what, I really can't wait till he advances further his training! He's going to be so much fun.

Anyway, well then yesterday my roommate, the baby and I (the older kids were off with family for the day) headed down to Parker, CO to the Colorado Horse Park to hang out and check out the horse shows.  There were three shows going: a dressage show, a hunter/jumper show, and the CHP CCI*/T3DE/Horse trials.  J, my friend was riding her horse in the dressage show, it was her first time riding Intermediare-1. But we got out of the house a tad late and literally got there as she was walking out of the arena, bummer!  It was still fun to hang out with her a bit, I even braided her other horse for her. 

Mid-morning we then headed out to the Cross Country course so that I could jump judge for the Intermediate, CCI* and Preliminary divisions. 
It was a beautiful day! A bit cool and breezy,
but beautiful none-the-less
The dogs thought so too!
I didn't get to watch any of the T3DE just because of the timing and overlap with my friend's dressage ride time, but I'm so excited that it is being offered out here now!! It is definitely on my goals list for the shows around here.  Until last fall the closest T3DE was Rebecca Farms up in Montana (aka a ridiculously long drive away).  So I'm pretty stoked about this addition.

Overall, my weekend was just fantastic! Now I get to sit and study today for an exam tomorrow in my Animal Anatomy and Physiology class, fun stuff y'all.


Very fun!! Sounds like Cash is doing well.

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