Sunday, January 26, 2014

A much more normal Cash


Where he is nice and mellow with an extra helping of lazy on the side.

Really, for how little I've been working him, he has been super good.  I try very hard not to think about how quickly he'd be progressing if I could ride him more.... daylight is coming folks, daylight is coming! (and warmth) Can't wait!

I've really been starting to stress lateral work with him, getting him side-passing, leg-yielding, turning on his haunches. In short, getting him OFF my leg.  He's picking it up finally, but it's sure been a long time coming.

I'm also starting to integrate the bit back into his life.  For now he will be carrying a snaffle under the halter and hackamore.  No contact, just for him to carry.  Once he's quiet with it and doesn't champ at it, I'll attach some reins and see what happens.  I ordered a full-cheek snaffle for him (was rather surprised I didn't have one already), I think it'll give a good transition from the side-pull hackamore to bit pressure.



Slowing down and letting them figure it out tends to pay off. :-) Here's to daylight.

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