Monday, January 24, 2011

busy busy busy


Ugh, life can be a whirlwind sometimes.

My days start at 4:45am when my alarm clock goes off. I work full time in an inbound customer service call center, that's about 37 +/- hours per week, on top of that I do barn chores 4 days a week at a private farm, about 5-6 hours a week. Then I'm going part time to school, two classes, one of which is chemistry with a lab, so that's 9 hours a week I spend in the classroom. That all adds up to a total of 52 hours a week, that's not including homework...

On top of all this I've gotta find time to spend time with my husband, cook and clean at home, and squeak in a ride or two on Pie.

Someone tell me how I'm suppose to do this all? Guess I'm just feeling very overwhelmed at the moment.

I was so stressed out last night, I went and just sat for an hour in Pie's stall and talked to him. He stood over me the entire time like a mare over her sleeping foal, hanging his head in my lap, I obliged him with many scratches. I love my horse, he could've been over munching on a ginormous pile of hay, but instead he came to me to make sure I was ok.


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