Thursday, January 26, 2012

Horse = happyness


Yeah, life is good! I can't even begin to fully express how happy I am now that I have a horse again! Love love love love it. :)

Each day I'm counting down the hours until I'm done with work, until I can go to the barn with hubby to play with our horse, to take the kiddos so they can play in the hay barn. On top of it all, the Spring semester is off to a good start, homework is going well, and I feel like I can conquer my Chem class!

The new guy, Cash, is settling in well. He has a new girlfriend, a 10hh Shetland pony mare who is also new... it is the funniest thing ever! He threw a little temper tantrum today when she left, which I promptly shut down when he decided he would start kicking (!!!). Other than that, he is doing awesome. Manners are coming along, and he's start to get the idea of lunging like a grown up horse! I feel that those goals I listed for February are definitely going to be very attainable. But more on that later.

For now, life is good, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

Awww! Hubby + horse = friends!
For grins and giggles - our pitt/boxer mix found herself
the mother of all fetch sticks. She was VERY pleased with
herself carrying that thing around!


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