Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, he's here!


We went and got the new guy yesterday! I was thinking there for awhile it wasn't going to happen because of the wind. My word it was gusting something awful. But it died down right at 4:15 and gave us just enough daylight to get him!

He stepped right into the trailer like a good boy, although was a bit nervous once he got in, overall he trailered well and when we got there he backed out of the trailer without fuss. I put him in the arena so that he could run around a bit and meet the other horses over the fence that he'll eventually be living with. That all went well and he sniffed noses with just about all the horses. Baby just pinned her ears, gave the sassy mare head toss and walked away, the others were excited at first then lost interest. Shadow, the little hackney pony, was strutting his stuff though, pawing and snorting and squealing like a little stallion. Oh pony!! He thinks he's as big as the new guy, even if his back only comes up to the new guy's belly!!! It's all about attitude right?
But yeah, the new guy looks downright ginormous compared to all the other horses! He must be a good hand higher than the tallest horse out there. Woooohoo! I need to stick him, I'm wondering if he's closer to 16.3 or 17hh now.

After an hour we moved him into his stall as all the other horses came in. He wasn't quite so sure what to think about that, he kept grabbing mouthfuls of hay then spinning around in his stall trying to see everybody! He was most fascinated though by the billy goats on the other side of his stall, they had jumped up on their hut so he could sniff noses with them across the top of the wall. It was rather cute!

I absolutely cannot wait to get back out there after work and school today! Time to start working on those ABCs. The biggie is going to be getting caught, even with the halter on it's difficult, he sees that rope or thinks you are going to grab his halter and he takes off. Thankfully bribing with treats and lots of scratches (he loooooooves having his face and withers scratched) works, get him distracted with that and he doesn't notice getting the lead rope clipped on. Right now, he's just gonna get lots of pampering so that he associates being caught with good things, not just having to work really hard and be handled(probably) rather roughly. Now that he's here he is going to be handled at least twice daily, once to get turned out, the other to be brought into his stall to find his hay and grain. So I think that will help a ton, he'll soon learn that it's a rather un-climactic thing to be handled and caught, and that it just isn't a big deal.

So yeah, I can't wait! I'm so excited to have him and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

I still need a nickname though... hopefully that will come soon as I get to know him.

He says he's ready to be an eventing pony!


This is so much fun! Wish I could beam up to see him!!

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