Friday, March 2, 2012

March Madness


No, I'm not a basketball fan... I avoid it at all costs if I can.


Between work craziness, term papers, lab reports, exams, shuttling kids around, laundry, housework, homework, and barn duties, with an extra helping of menopausal weather..... it sure feels like madness right now!!

We pretty much checked off all the February goals with flying colors. With the exception of the hand walking trails/roads and the free jumping. But because those are weather dependent, I wasn't too stressed about meeting those goals. Plus, in order to free jump I needed to prep the poles. See I bought a bunch of poles last fall for cheap, but they were old fence poles and had a bunch of iron nails in the end. Hubby finally lent a hand and pulled them all out for me so I've been working Cash over trot poles and cavaletti this week and he's being doin GREAT with that! Starting to really think about where to put his feet over the poles and to pay attention (he had some almost crash-n-burn moments at first).

So, that said, my goals for March are as follows:

  1. Establish lunging work in side reins at the walk, trot, and canter (focusing on relaxation of the topline in the canter)
  2. Working under saddle walk and trot, starting to work on contact, bending, steering and moving off the leg
  3. Free jump!! At least once... maybe more :)
  4. Explore those trails/roads
Can't think of anything more in particular, but I will add to the list if I think of it.

If the weather is nice and things go as planned, I should have some fun photos and videos for y'all tomorrow ;)


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