Friday, February 15, 2013

Difficult Decisions


Well, no way to get around it, I've officially listed Cash for sale.


Having a baby is not cheap, diapers and other baby paraphernalia isn't all that bad, but the daycare! Good grief the cost of daycare... I'm not kidding it is at least twice what I pay for board on Cash.  And, that is the conflict.  Dear hubby is refusing to "pay for the horse" as he puts it (he makes 4x what I do!!)... and on my meager income alone I simply cannot afford childcare and board costs. 

It's frustrating, disheartening, and gut wrenching.  I do NOT want to sell this horse.  Hard-to-catch stubbornness or not.  He's everything  I could have dreamed of, and exactly what I was after in my future eventing prospect.  Granted I still don't know him very well due to my pregnancy last year, but he reminds me sooooo much of Pie when he was this age--stubborn, headstrong, opinionated, rather naughty at times... but man, after the years went by, we understood each other so well, too well even.  It was a beautiful thing.

Not but two months ago my husband was talking about how excited he was for Cash and I to be riding together and that he was looking forward to seeing us compete.  Obviously, he didn't have the checkbook in mind at the time...

So yes, I am ranting.  I have him listed on all the major sites, it's a half-assed attempted at a sale post, my heart was just not in it when I wrote it.  I need to pay for the picture ads on some places, maybe I should make my husband do that, ha! At least now that I've got the ads up my husband is laying off the financial pressure so I can somewhat enjoy my horse while I have him.  I do have him listed for lease as well, so I'm crossing my fingers for that to happen. 

I just hate the thought of being horseless.  I suppose ultimately it is probably the right thing to do, but.... ugh :(


:( hopefully you'll find a stellar leaser! :) crossing fingers for you that it all works out.

Aww I'm so sorry! That's awful! I hope you find someone to lease him so that you don't have to sell him... maybe look into pasture board somewhere too? Or maybe a friend can keep him for you as sort of a free lease type thing? Don't give up hope!

Thank you for the suggestions! Really, my boarding situation is the best I could ask for at the moment, and I'm currently working off about half of it per month, so moving to a pasture board place would actually end up being more expensive, and he wouldn't get the quality of care. I'm really hoping to find a free lease. We shall see what happens. Thank you again :)

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