Sunday, August 11, 2013

Feel unmotivated...


Maybe ya'll can talk some sense into me.

I'm feeling very unmotivated with Cash, and the thought of selling him has crossed my mind more than once as of late.

It's kinda flirted in the back of my mind for awhile, but what with him bucking me off, then kicking them, then being a royal turd on the lunge every. single. time. I work with him, and just now in my most recent ride on him last week he bolted and ran off with me.

Now, I'm a good rider, I have stickability and can tough it out with the nastiest of horses. I'm not scared of Cash, and nothing he's throwing at me is something I can't work through in time. But, with all that is going on in my life, what I've been through, I want a horse I can enjoy and trust to be the same animal day in and day out... is that too much to ask?

Plus there is the time factor. He needs to be ridden 5 days a week. That's definitely possible right now. But I start the fall semester in two weeks and my days are going to get very, very long. I'll prob still be able to get out there a decent # of times until the days get short, at which point I'll be leaving the house before sun-up and not getting back till after sun-down. And we don't have an indoor or lighted area. That sucks.

Partially it's just me being frustrated. I know he needs time to mature mentally. But it's hard to get past the fact that he tries to be a jerk because he can. When he bolted and ran off with me it was because of a stupid white cooler sitting on the other side of the fence.... YET just beyond that in the adjacent garden were 4 blonde headed boys running and yelling and popping in and out of 6 foot tall sunflower rows shooting nerf guns and waving foam swords, he didn't even blink. But the cooler... that white cooler. UGH

Anyway, what do y'all think? Am I totally off my rocker? Everytime I go horse hunting online I realize that he is far nicer than any other horse out there within my price range... yet then I go work with him and 9 times out of 10 come away feeling "blah". I'm not feeling the connection I had with Pie or with Buddy, my two previous OTTBs.

Well, I'll leave my ramblings at that. On a postscript note, I need a new color sceme/layout for this blog, this one has been around for awhile and I'm ready for a change.


Change can be a good thing, for the blog, for you and your horses.

Change can be good and bad, but I think the most important thing to do is follow what your heart says, when ever I'm stuck and don't know what to do that's what I do.

I know a few people tossing around a similar choice right now, either bumping up against the horse's level limit when the rider wants to go farther, or overmounted, or losing passion, or the horse would prefer a different discipline. I always say that horses are too expensive to keep going with when the situation isn't right for both you and that particular horse. Good luck - this is never an easy conversation to have with yourself!

When I was younger, I through the only thing to do was tough it out. Now, with a family and a mortgage, its different. I'm in this to have fun. Preferably without ending up in the emergency room. You might not find something as "nice", but I bet there is something out there more fun. As an alternative, would a few trainer rides be an option?

There Is Nothing Wrong With Selling. No reason To Feel Bad. I Think Your Reasons Are Very valid In Not Completely Wanting To Sell But Additionally Needing To. If You Are Asking My Opinion I Would Say Yes It Is time For Both Of You To Move On. Now As Far As "Nice" goes You Could Get Right Back Into The Same Situation Looking For Fancy Instead Of functional. You May Need To Reevaluate What type Of Horse You Need To Look For. Just Remember That Some Day When Your Life situation Changes You Can Always Go Back to Fancy.

You have to do what's right by him and you. If you cant give him the time he needs as an individual to thrive and he cant give you the type of ride you need to de-stress (this is sport is too expensive not to be fun), then perhaps selling makes sense. In any case - try to see it through this rough patch and make your decision when you feel calm and collected about your life in general. I LOVE the gal who did my blog, it was only $35 for the whole overhaul and custom design scheme. Her info is on my page :)

Thank you Amy. As far as the nice factor, Cash kinda fell in my lap per say, I just got super lucky on the fancy/athletic factor. :)

If the trainer option is available, I'd try that first. It sounds like he needs a stronger hand for a few rides. If that changes nothing, then yeah. No point doing this if you aren't having fun.

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