Sunday, August 25, 2013

He Stays... and, riding video!


For now, anyway.  I still have ads listed apparently for Cash from back in Feb when I listed him for sale... I got a phone call off one of these ads yesterday and without even thinking or hesitating I answered "Oh, I'm sorry, that horse isn't for sale anymore."  So, dear Mr. Cash, you get to stay with me for now.

He's been really, really good in the roundpen.  I rode him in there and it's such a little area for him that it really forces him to stand up and be correct in his body--no getting away with diving on the inside shoulder here!!  The ground work is also really increasing his attentiveness to me.  He still, however, remains hard to catch and I'm completely stumped by it.

Anyway, here is some non-eventful riding footage--I was working on getting him to yeild to the aids.  The video is not very long as my roommate quickly got bored, she was hoping for a little more excitement as the last time she saw me ride she got to witness Cash being a whirling dervish charging around at warp speed... But, it's riding video nonetheless!!

Look! A rare photo of me actually on my horse!
School starts on Monday and my life is about to become very insane, hopefully I'll still be able to squeeze in time to ride!


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