Saturday, October 26, 2013

I rode Cash, in the arena


And he was fantastic!

Due to the off and on rain/snow we've been getting the round pen has been quite muddy and rather unusable... so the arena was the only option.  I lunged him last Tuesday but didn't ride, then yesterday I finally got out again and lunged him, and he was being incredibly lazy and very very good.  No spooking, no craziness, just nice n' easy.  So, I decided to get on.  We walked and trotted a bit, did some figure 8s, transitions, rein backs, and just had a real positive ride.

Today I did the repeat, and again Cash was GREAT.  I got on, rode around (in which today he was stiff to the right whereas yesterday he was still to the left... ok) and then decided why not, lets canter.  So we did.  And whaddya know, he was fantastic!

The best part?? All in a rope halter.


He was calm, steady and relaxed the entire time.  And, can I just wonder for a moment on how it's way easier to sit the trot in a stock saddle instead of a dressage saddle?  Not fair I tell you.

Anyway, off to bed.  My weeks are insanely long at this point, need my sleep!



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