Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mmmm fall is here!


I love this time of year... until it rains on my day off!

I've made the executive decision to start riding Cash in a stock saddle... having that little bit extra to hang on to really helps when all of a sudden he is going the other direction in an astonishingly quick fashion.  So I'm borrowing a barrel saddle (not my first pick, I'd prefer a ranch/roping style saddle) from Rosemary to use on him.  I'm kinda wishing I hadn't sold that stock saddle, but how was I to know I'd  end up using it again! Ah well, it was probably too wide for Cash anyhow.

Sooo... I'm poking around on Craigslist and Ebay looking for a saddle to get.  But, it may not be for awhile, I have vehicle registration due this month as well as some back taxes that I received a notice on last month (really, Colorado?).

In other news, yes I have been messing with the blog appearance.  I really like this color scheme, but for the life of me I can NOT figure out how to get the title/banner to adjust to my picture. I've been through every line of the CSS and have tweaked so many numbers I lost track... I just don't fully know which div classes override which and so on.  It's like a puzzle and unfortunately I don't have time to sit and figure it out. So either a) I'll find another template, or just re-make a banner to fit this one.  Just another thing on the to-do list for my "free time". (which, at the moment, said free time is spent chasing around an incredibly fast toddler... OY!)

And, lastly... I'm thoroughly, completely, and utterly furious and disgusted with our government and Obummercare.  I won't get started but in short, it is very likely going to be cheaper for me to pay the tax penalty versus insurance premiums. Affordable Health Care? Yeah right.

Just another day in the life of a middle class horse owning kid toting American!



I was thinking the scheme looked different, I like it!

We spent a little time in a western saddle at one point :) It's good to have that extra weight from the bulkier tack on them and a little something extra for you to grab on to when they make a quick move!

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