Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Plugging along


Nothing much terribly exciting to report on.  School and work are keeping me busy... I'm still waiting on the new level 2 hires that I get to train, can HR get any slower with offer letters? Jeeze. School is a mish-mash as far as how I'm doing, two classes I have As, two I have Cs... I recently got perhaps one of the lowest test scores I've ever gotten in my entire college career, ouch!  This semester is not only my first time doing 300 level classes, but also my first time doing full time credits... and oh yeah, all of them are those 300 level classes!! I totally did not intend to do that, go me!

I'm just finding myself not being able to focus very well this semester.  I'm not sure what's up with that, but it's been frustrating.  It's not that I can't learn the information, it's just that I've been having a hard time getting into the grove so that I can learn.  Having a super active and ridiculously adorable 1 year old running around the house certainly doesn't help any....

Halloween was fun!
I think she's absurdly cute, but that's just me
I left her alone for 30 seconds, came back to this!!
She is becoming quite the climber, eeek!
She loves her kitty!!
(most tolerant cat in the world folks)

OK, baby pic spam over!!

As far as Cash goes, on the days when the stars line up and I'm actually able to get my butt out there and work with him I am actually riding him!  And he's doing quite well.  The farrier was out yesterday and he stood SO WELL!  I was a proud momma.  He's still not so sure of the hot shoeing, but my farrier is amazingly patient with him and I love it.

I've been riding him in just a halter, I made up a special rope halter with rings on the side just for riding and he's really doing quite well in it.  I feel like I have control and steering and breaks... You know, the important stuff!  Just working on bending now, good grief he is a stiff horse.

His SmartPaks came and he started on them today, so we'll see what happens there.  We had another mare starting on a SmartPak as well, so we have some fun last night going through all the new goodies.
Handsome man
And, last but not least in this rather long blog post: I have a new little project ride!  The new gal who moved into the apartment on the farm this past summer has this super cute little Appy mare named Candy and she asked me if I could help with some training issues (mostly canter work), so I said yes.  I'm riding her about once a week, and I really enjoy her.  She's tiny, maybe 14hh on a good day, and feels like such a pushover after riding Cash, ha!  She's got that signature "appy-tude" going on and I've already had a few discussions over who is going to have the final say in matters.  She's a super smart mare and once she figures out I mean business about whatever I'm asking her to do she backs off and does it.  It'll be fun to see how she progresses, I'll keep ya'll up to date!
Miss Candy
Alrighty, I think that's all folks.  I really need to blog more often so that I don't have these massive "update dump" type posts.  If anybody has some magic formula to increase the number of hours in a day I will pay handsomely!



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