Friday, December 20, 2013

Done with the semester!!



Fall 2013 is officially in the books.  My first semester as a full time student and first time doing 300 levels courses (and of course, I was a rockstar and unintentionally picked out 4 of them) and I will be getting at least a B in all of them (potentially two will be As, crossing my fingers!!).

Now... I have no idea what to do with myself for the next month without any *gasp* homework.  I have been going a million miles an hour for the past 4 months that it's just this blank feeling of "now what do I do with my time?"

Maybe I'll start with getting caught up on laundry, ha!

In the mean time I'll do things like partake in Ugly Christmas Sweater contests at work...

And, oh yeah, that four legged creature called a horse who gets a chunk of my paycheck each month! I'm going to actually go DO something with him tomorrow.  They are calling for snow but I kind of don't care because I deserve some horsey time! 

Uhhh... Christmas shopping needs to be done too because I'm rather un-ready for Christmas. Whoops!

Anybody else ready for Christmas or are you the last-minute scrambler like me?



Horray! One semester down! What are you studying? Hope you get some riding time during your break and have a wonderful Christmas. Btw I will bet you won the contest with that sweater :)

Love your blog Emily. Good for you with your education achievements. Have a wonderful Christmas. Love to Tandi, Elija and Abbe as well as your little bundle of joy in your arms~ XOXO

Congratulations on your first semester. Now go enjoy your horse!


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