Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm alive yet!


Phew what a busy fall it's been.

Finals started as of today, so I have 1 final down, 2 exams and 1 group presentation to go.  My last final is next Friday at 7:30pm....  Oh boy.

Weather wise, we have finally come out of the deep freeze... days straight of barely making it to double digits gets old.  Reminded me of winters growing up in the San Luis Valley, I sure don't miss those!!

Brrr!!! Subzero temps make for a looooong 1/2 mile walk
to class in the mornings
It did make for some beautiful sunrises though!
Work has been nothing short of insane with the holidays going on.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday were NUTS.  Then last weekend we had a 20% off sale that was Friday through Monday... and we thought the previous weekend was crazy... then on Tuesday I was slammed on the helpdesk/supervisor line as they had to pull our other 4 Level 2 agents to help with the masses of emails so it was little ol me on the help line dealing with everybody's issues... I was so ready to go home!!  Selling makeup is not as easy as it looks guys.  But, regardless, I love my job and I thrive on the environment, I really do.  The BIG NEWS though is that we finally hired on and successfully trained our 5 new Level 2 Helpdesk agents!  Yahoo!!!  It'll make life so much easier, and couldn't have come at a better time right before the holiday rush.

Needless to say, I have not ridden Cash since Thanksgiving :(  I do plan to take full advantage of a whole month off from school to ride and love on him before I return to more of the craziness. 

Life is good!



Omg -21?!

Hope you can get some good riding in!!

Negative 21? Insane! Stay warm!

Glad you're making it. :-) I agree, walking in sub zero temps is for the birds and even they fly.

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