Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blog hop: What's in a name


Sometimes these blog hops pop up and often I just plain don't have the time to put something together, but this one looked fun and with Spring Break officially upon me I can actually do something about it!

This Blog Hop is brought to you courtesy of Viva Carlos

The Story behind my blog....

I've been intriqued by blogging for some time.  I consider my "official" start to blogging back when I used to be an active member of the Horse Grooming Supplies forum.  When the forum underwent some upgrades and added on a blogging feature I jumped at it and had fun, writing about horsey adventures and shows and riding and lessons.  I enjoyed it, a lot.

But, all good things come to an end and I got a bit (ok, a lot) fed-up with the forum and some of the drama so I decided that I had bigger and better things to follow and decided to copy another HGS member and made the move to blogger.

I don't rightly remember where or how I came up with the idea of "A Mile High on Horseback", but the logic behind it is pretty simple:

I live in Colorado.  And that means elevation, a lot of it.  As a state we have 54 mountains over 14,000ft, our average elevation is approximately 6,800 and the steps of our Capitol building in Denver is exactly 1 mile above sea level.

While where I'm at currently in northern Colorado is slightly below the one mile elevation mark, I grew up in a town with an elevation of 7,600 and all the locals would always joke about going to lower elevations and feeling so energized because of all the oxygen!!

In short, we pride ourselves on our elevation in this state.  Denver is known as "The Mile High City".  The Broncos play at Sports Authority Field at Mile High... the list goes on.  So while I'm not a resident of Denver (and never will be if I can help it), I figured I'm close enough.  And thus the name was born.


Neat! Had no idea it was related to where you are :)

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