Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cash meets water obstacle


No thanks to all the rain (and hail!) we've gotten in the past few days the arena is quite muddy and unrideable.  So, me, being brave (or just plain crazy), decided to tack up my hasn't-been-worked-in-three-days OTTB and without lunging, go for a ride down the road. Should be fine, right???

Being ambitious I thought "it would be cool to ride all the way to the lake" and so we set off.... we made it almost a half-mile when Cash stopped dead in his tracks and went "I'm NOT at home anymore..."

He then decided he was headed home, and headed home now.  Hello racehorse mode. Yeah, I had no control. On a fresh horse, out on a dirt road that strangely resembes the backside of a track.....


We managed to stay at sub-warp speed and not mow down any mail boxes!! *is proud*

Once safe and sound in the driveway of the barn we did a bunch of walk circles, and then walked out onto the road, and then back in... and back out.  Until he chilled.  We only had one other racehorse moment.
The peanut gallery,
watchin your every move!

Then, thanks to the rain we had lots of puddles, so again, I had the brilliant idea of "any good event horse goes through water, right?" Ha, yeah! Cash was not having it.... and when I finally DID get him in the puddle he has the balls to stop dead right in the middle of it and start pawing and splashing around like a baby in a bathtub.  Seriously? You put up all that fuss just to stop and play? Horses, I tell ya what....
The puddle of doom...
I called it a very productive day after the puddle and he ambled back home on a loose rein, very satisfied with himself apparently.  Good boy!  He got lots of treats and some grazing for his efforts.
Handsome man... despite the mud
Overall it was a good evening at the barn, and I'm very thankful that I used the running martingale which provided me with a very convenient grab strap--fancy that!


Pongo + water jump = GAME ON, he loves them...Pongo + puddles = TWINKLE TOES, he would sooner spin and run then dampen his toes...go figure :P

:D Wild ride!! Glad you are both ok and worked through it.

Love rain for puddle training!

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