Friday, May 17, 2013

Moments of Brilliance!


My word, this horse guys!!

Every now and then, you'll have those breakthrough moments while riding your horse, where you've been struggling with something, and just keep hitting the wall, but then, for a split moment, that wall is conquered and you hit that point of achievement that you were after.  Sometimes it's a feeling that you weren't expecting to find! 

I had one of those moments today with Cash.  Forward is not his thing, at all.  He wants to take his energy up, up up up.  He's an OTTB, what can you say.  So trying to refocus and redirect that energy forward is difficult, and he fights it big time.  We were getting there, and then he lost it, and then I kept asking, gently asking, and then he decided to really take it and give me his back and hind end.  And... just WOW.  Guys, wow.  This horse has power.

You know that feeling, when, you get in a sports car and you gently press on the accelorator and the car responds instantly and you can just tell that behind that small movement is potential for pure, raw power just waiting to be released.  Yeah, that's what it felt like riding Cash today.  It felt like riding the horsey version of a turbo charged muscle car.  I've never felt that much potential power in a horse before.  And he's not even in shape right now!!

Ah, that makes me seriously excited about his training future. All I keep thinking is: medium trot

Just, wow!


It is the best feeling when they start motoring forward like they're really going somewhere!

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