Saturday, May 4, 2013

Retail Therapy


It all started with the boots, oh the lovely, heavenly, soft as butter boots... I loves them so much.

No, not Dubarrys, I wish

Then I picked up a new halter and lead rope using a gift card to a local tack store. (and some new leather cleaner--more on that later!). Next came a nice like-new horse size (as opposed to my current inventory of Cob!) running martingale found on ebay.  Perfect.

And then, I got to go to Dover Saddlery down in Parker, Colorado.
I picked up a new helmet (Charles Owen Pro II Skull Cap mind you--yes, I splurged) and a new dressage bridle that ended up ringing in at $10 off.  Works for me!  However, I was not too impressed with their customer service... I literally had to walk up to the lady and initiate the conversation "I'm looking for a helmet..." and then she stood there and stared at me while I tried various helmets on, didn't even offer any help, suggestions, or insight beyond a "well, it looks like it fits." Ummmm....  So, I will probably call in a complaint to Dover at some point, for a company that big, that's just crappy to provide a store with that kind of lackluster customer service.  If I was the manager I'd not be too happy with that employee....

But, I'm incredibly thrilled with my new purchases :D I will be calling SmartPak here soon to see if they will match the overseas price for the Airowear Outlyne body protector, if not I'll have to order it directly from the UK. And, then, my 2013 Wish List will be almost complete!! The other items that I will work to pick up over the summer are going to be a new set of open front and ankle boots, a new set of brushing/galloping boots, and some Oster A5 Turbo Clippers. 

I've not spent this much money in ages.... but then, I haven't had this much free money in ages.  It's nice, I'm not gonna lie.  Farrier comes on Monday, I've got a request in to schedule the saddle fitter to come out, and I'll probably see about getting Cash set up with a horsey chiropractor this summer.  It feels so good to be able to spoil my pony (and me!) and get him the attention he deserves. 

And then... I finally got the cart for the pony!! Woohoo!


Glad you are having fun!! I'm finally working again, so being able to buy things (like an actual pair of breeches) is amazing. Enjoy!

I have heard more often than not that Dover customer service sucks.

I will have to share the link where I purchased my clippers the supplier has the best prices I have come across. Also Smartpak has previously matched a price for me (on that best actually) but in my most recent attempt at a price match they informed me that they are no longer offering price matching.

How exciting!! New, amazing stuff!! Enjoy the splurge to the fullest :-)

Well, I'll give it a shot anyway, worst they can say is no. And yes, I'd love for you to share the link for the clippers :)

"Do anything, but let it produce joy." Walt Whitman

Glad you are loving the new purchases and it is bringing you joy. :) I have never heard of a horse getting a chiropractor. Very interesting!

We watched the Kentucky Derby--did you happen to see it too?

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