Sunday, February 20, 2011

Horse Swap!!


So, it looks like I'll be "swapping" horses for a couple months! Should be fun I think. See, Pie right now, he reeeaaally needs his shoes pulled and to just go barefoot for awhile to let his foot grow out, he's just not staying sound right now. So, I was poking around on craigslist a few weeks ago, and came across a link for a horse for lease, a 9 year old TB mare who has a knack for jumping. The owner is pregnant so can't ride at the moment and wants to find someone to lease her mare until July or so. She said either the mare can be kept at her pasture, or can be boarded somewhere. So I emailed with the proposition that I take the mare to my barn, and my horse, Pie, goes and lives at her pasture, barefoot. My idea was met with great enthusiasim and it looks like it will work out perfectly.

I went and took a look at the mare yesterday, her name is Callie, and she's little! Probably about 15.2hh and very petite in her build. Pie is built like a tank, she is the exact opposite! She's a little sorry looking right now, poor girl, she's lost weight being out of work and has no muscle definition at all. Part of it is that she's living with two arabs, and she needs much more food than they do, but there is no way to separate them at the moment, so while the arabs are fat and happy, she's been dropping pounds. It'll be good once she gets to my barn and she can eat all she wants in her own stall.

While she's nothing super duper fancy, she's really cute and has a super sweet and quiet look to her eyes. She can be a little marish when saddling and if you nag her with your leg--but otherwise she is DEAD quiet and compared to Pie, lazy. At least right now, once she gets fitter and puts on weight I expect her to perk up a lot. She is in desperate need of a clip and mane trim, which she will get both asap once she arrives!

I'm excited to have a sound horse I can ride on a regular basis, and one I can jump! I was telling the owner of the barn I do chores at about it, that I was looking forward to jumping again, and he said that they will be getting some jumps soon, that makes me really excited, I won't have to pay $$ to go down to the local boarding stable to use the jumps there.

Not sure yet when the swap will take place, probably in a week or two, once we do paperwork/contract stuff and let my barn know, things should all be good to go. Yay!


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