Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super bowl sunday ramblings


So, nothing terribly interesting to report on. We've managed to make it back above sub-zero temperatures, it was 21*F this morning when I went out to start my truck to head to work and dangit if it didn't feel WARM! That's sad... lol

The super bowl is today, and... me, football loving me, hasn't watched a lick of football this year. I blame it on work, school, and not having cable for the past couple of months. Of the teams playing, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, I don't like either team, however I DESPISE the Steelers, right alongside the Patriots. Grr... evil teams, both of them. So, that said, while I do not care for the Packers, I am rooting for them, simply because I do not want the steelers to win another super bowl!!

In horsey news: I MISS RIDING!!! But most of all, I miss jumping :( Big time! I haven't taken a horse over a jump in about 6 months. No bueno, no bueno at all! Pie got his feet done on the 1st, and he's a little bit better, he's still oh so slightly off in that right front, and I'm not sure what to do. The crack is looking good, but I think that his heel is just waaaay too high. The farrier said he's leaving the heel a tad high to help him land more toe-first to keep from pounding that inside heel too much. I agree with him, but this foot grows so clubby and heel-high to begin with, he really doesn't need any extra help when it comes to landing toe-first. Not to mention, when that heel gets high, he goes lame. It's a one to one relation, he's sounder when that heel is kept low. Then, because he tends to rest that right front a lot, putting more weight on the other foot, the left front gets pretty pancaked and tends to have underrun heels, his feet couldn't be more opposite. I'll have to get pictures here, but it's crazy. I noticed this time the farrier placed that shoe quite forward, or, at least, didn't use a big enough shoe to give enough heel support. Once again, I'm going to take pictures and analyze them with some lines in photoshop to show what I mean. We'll see how Pie goes for the next week or two, if no improvement in soundness that farrier is coming back to re-do his work. I love that he is being so pro-active with getting that nasty crack under control, but no so pleased yet with how he's shoeing the rest of the foot. He's not a bad farrier, I'm just picky.

Auuumm... last little tid-bit, we got a rooster!! We saw an ad on craigslist for Barred Rock Roosters and called the lady up and got one. We love him! He's so beautiful, and he looooves his hens lol. Our little flock is complete :) before the hens were very wary of coming out of the coop, shy and skittish. Now they are happy to roam all over with their knight in shining armour watching over them. He's so cute, he'll herd them around, hide them in one of the corners of the yard if he feels there is danger present (aka our pooch named Fiona...), and he's full of it!! Flaps his wings and ruffles his feathers, letting the whole world know how big and bad he is. He's awesome, and he needs a name... so far I've shot down "Cocky" "Prince Poppycock" and another not-so-appropriate-name... my dear hubby has a dirty mind *blushes*.

Leading his ladies around. So cute! I'm thinking he needs a "Sir _____ " name because he thinks he is all that and is on such a high horse lol. We'll see.

Beyond that, nothing else I can think of to write. Think today at work I'm just gonna sit and read a book inbetween calls, haven't done that in awhile.


Thanks for visiting my blog. I see that you are an eventer in need of a project... did you know that CANTER is coming to Colorado? Just getting organized, that's all I know right now. There is info and a contact on the main CANTER site.
Now I can drool over horses nearby instead of on the east coast.

Hi Barbara! Thanks for the comment!! I have definitely thought about a CANTER horse. Though, right now, I don't want to get too deep into a project horse due to school, once I graduate and have money again it'll be a different story, but for now I gotta be impatiently patient lol.

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