Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a good horse


So, I went back and re-watched my last Cross Country round I did on the horse I leased for awhile, Wild Yonder (more affectionately called "Buddy boy")... I had a blast! It was Novice at the 2008 Colorado Horse Park horse trials. Though, looking back at it today, I realized something... that horse saved my butt out there!! More than once!

He was such a saint of a horse, pretty much did whatever I asked him to, even if I put him to the jump at a really awkward spot, or didn't have him properly in front of my leg (that was our biggest issue). Ahhh what a good boy! His new owner is one lucky lady, I hope to see them at a few events this year :)


Nice video. I was sitting on one of the jumps right after the water taking pictures that year, I will have to look thru them and see if I have any of you.

Wow that would be fantastic if you did have some! It's hard to see in that vid, but we are hunter green/black colors.

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