Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pony Therapy


I'm starting to get back into a routine, first week of school back is done and under my belt, I presented a speech and got an A on it, I'm satisfied.  Started a short course, Equine Industry Seminar, that I think it going to be neat.

Right now, as it was before, the happiest times, when I'm able to let it all go and not think about stresses, obligations, to-do lists... is when I'm at the barn.  Last Wednesday my cousin stopped by with her two kiddos (she has a 2.5 year old boy who is TOO cute!) and we moseyed out to the barn after lunch.  I took Shadow out for a beautiful jog down the road, he was so good.  Which on another note, I'm acquiring a 2-wheeled cart for him soon, so excited! I'll tell you more when I get it!

I got Cash out, I hadn't done anything with him in a week, and he was full of it, spent the first 10 minutes on the lunge tearing around, spooking, bucking, farting, kicking.  I made the comment to my cousin "And this is why I'm not riding him today!" Once he wore himself out he trotted and cantered around like an old pro.  He's looking super sound right now, I'm so happy, I think I've finally figured out his front feet and where they need to be at to keep him sound.

I didn't get to do anything more with Cash until yesterday, but by the time I got there it was starting to rain, so I managed 5 minutes on the lunge line before we got rained out.  I'll try and ride him today.

In non-horse world... meh. It's going? I've majorly re-arranged my room, have just about flipped the rest of the house upside down with cleaning.  The garage is next... that's going to be a chore.  I picked out a lot of my husband's t-shirts to wear myself, they are a little loose but fit alright still.  They are comfy, it makes me feel like he's hugging me or something. 
We did set up the crib for the baby! She finally outgrew
the cradle.  She is 5.5 months now, and looks so small in here!

Well, off to go run errands, hoping I'll be able to get to the barn today and actually ride Cash. Maybe he'll be sane!


Horses are great therapy, aren't they! And, hey, do you have a cousin I don't know about? :)

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