Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who needs humans


I had something happen that I've never had happen before.  When I got to the barn Tuesday I got Shadow out just to do some ground driving work with him.  So I got him ready, walked into the arena and turned around to shut the gate.  I needed both hands so I let go of him for a brief second and he took this as a cue to leave....

However, instead of relishing in his newly found freedom, he simply trotted smartly off and, much to my surprise (and eventual delight!), proceeded to trot laps around the arena for about the next ten minutes!  And it wasn't even a crazy trot--it was a nice, steady, relaxed yet forward working trot.  He marched straight down the long sides, went into all his corners, even went over the ground pole at one end of the arena... around and around.  He then changed direction and went back for more laps the other way!  All without ever breaking pace.  He was working.  Without me!  Since he wasn't being crazy, or stupid, but doing what he knew to do, I just stood in the middle of the arena with a silly smile on my face and watched him go around.

After he was done we then worked together as a team for a bit, focusing on getting him to relax at the base of his neck.  He was a super good boy!

I'm still giggling though about his decision to start without me. I guess I just wasn't fast enough for him. Most horses, if they discover they are free, the response is "Yeehaw, woohoo, freeeeedoommm!!" Never, ever, have I had a horse get loose and just go to work like that, all on their own.

All I can say is, what a good pony!!!


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