Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Wish List


Since I already sorta did a Goals post with what I want to achieve in 2013 (although I should expand on them...), I thought it would be fun to do a 2013 Wish List and share with you some of the items I have my eye on that I want to buy within the next year.

AiroWear Ladies Outlyne Body Protector

I used to have a Tipperary Vest, you know, that one with the little foam pieces all placed in the fabric to make it super flexible and lego block type looking (what! it's what it looks like to me).  However, those iconic vests are most definitely not BETA approved. Umm, that's kinda a big deal. We won't ride in helmets that aren't properly approved, so why ride in a vest that falls substandard?  With the Outlyne Ladies Vest not only does it meet the BETA Level 3 standards, but it has received rave reviews, with users constantly mentioning how breathable and lightweight it is.  It's completely adjustable, and is designed to fit a ladies body shape (YAY NO SMASHED BOOBIES..... *ahem*), aaaannnnd you can get custom colored silks for it!!  Sweet.  While SmartPak and Dover both retail this vest, it's actually a lot cheaper to buy from a UK supplier, because, somehow, even after shipping overseas it still comes out at least $60 cheaper to buy that way.  This item is definitely at the top of my list.

Charles Owen Ultralite Euro
I have been wanting a skull cap style eventing helmet for a looooonnnng time (right alongside that awesome Yellow Watch!), I've also been wanting a Charles Owen for a looooonnng time.  I've had an IRH two tone velvet helmet for years, and while it looks nice (hey, it's a Charles Owen knock off pretty much), the fit just doesn't have that cooshy head hugging feel that a Charles Owen has.  While I would love to get the Charles Owen Pro II Skull, the $190 price point is a bit much for me for a helmet (although, Bit of Britain has it on sale for $150 right now, poop, wish I had $$ at the moment), this one will work just fine, and at $115 is much more affordable. Also another must have item!

A Dressage Bridle
I actually (surprisingly) don't have a specific bridle picked out for this.  All I know is I want (and need if I end up competing) a dressage bridle.  I have a (well, several) havana bridle for use when jumping, but I don't have a dressage bridle.  I used to have a lovely Passier crank bridle that I ended up selling it awhile back, sometimes I still wish I had it, buuuut it wouldn't have fit Cash anyway (it was a Cob size and he most definitely is not).  SmartPak puts out some decently nice (and very affordable) bridles, there are also some Nunn Finer bridles that Bit of Britain offers at a very reasonable price, like the Biko Bridle (love that clincher browband).  Oooor I could get brave and take a gamble on quality and pick up a bridle dirt cheap from

Brushing Boots
My first pick in this category is the Nunn Finer Brushing Boots, which is another item that's been on my wish list for awhile.  I'd settle for a pair of Woof Boots as well.  In short, my current set of brushing boots are about to bite the dust.  One day, when I start to get serious about moving up the levels in eventing I'll pick up a sweet pair of fancy schmancy XC boots, but until then a pair of all around brushing boots are perfectly acceptable!

Aaannnd, that's about it.  I will probably poke around on Ebay and look for a pair of White Fullseat Breeches, since I long ago passed on the pair I had got when I was a still growing stick thin teenager.  I wouldn't be opposed to a Black Stretch Hunt or Dressage Coat, note the stretch, that is important, I so hate how restrictive mine is and I definitely notice a difference when I ride in it (as in I can't release properly due to the restrictive armscythe and end up throwing my upper body over fences instead of releasing, no bueno).  I got my Yellow Watch (YAY), and I really just can't think of anything else.... Oh yeah, I could use a Fleece or Wool Cooler, I'm still undecided if I want a big square one, or a fitted one... hmmm.  That'll probably be another Ebay item, since it'll get tossed around the tack room, stepped on, rained on, mudded on (yes, with my horse, that is a word and I'm using it lol), so I'm not about to spend big bucks on something I know will end up eventually trashed, so might as well buy second hand.  I love bargain shopping :)


Bridle shopping, yay!!! I'm planning to do one schooling dressage show this year, and I've half convinced myself we need a dressage bridle just because I love bridles so much. Haha. We'll see what I can afford.

Quite a good list, really.

Just a heads up, I have handled both the nunn finer and woof boots and in my opinion the woof boots are hands down nicer. They seem like a more finished product with more heavy duty materials. In general I choose nunn finer brand over anything else, just not in this instance:)

I have the Aerowear and LOVE it. I think I ordered mine from Smartpak and showed them another retailer (that also offers free shipping) and they matched the price :)

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