Monday, January 21, 2013

Hay Banks


Many of us are blessed with an income that allows us to provide for our equine children, but with hay prices where how they are unfortunately some who cannot.  Sadly, the result is that the horse suffers.  Tonight, while watching the news they ran a story Hay Banks where struggling horse owners can attain free hay for their horses to keep them from malnourishment.

What a great idea!! Cities provide "Food Banks" and other programs to help low income families with groceries, so why not have more of these Hay Banks for horse owners struggling to keep up with the rising hay prices?  There are three so far in Colorado.  I sure wish that I had the ability to donate to these programs at the moment, but on down the road I definitely plan to make sure that I give a little bit to help them out.  And I will recommend anyone who can donate to do so.  Anything for our furry family members right?

NBC Nightly News: Making a Difference

The Hay Bank



I'm friend Heidi and I are compiling resources for those in need of hay donations and other assistance on Facebook, called Hay Helpers ( ). I keep running across "The Hay Bank", which I believe is located in Colorado; however, the link directing to it leads to someone's personal blog. There's no mention of hay. I have found this issue on numerous websites. Anyway...we welcome any and all help we can get. Please feel free to visit our page, and post *any* contributions you feel would help. We're only on our fourth day and already have had several people in need of help for the upcoming winter. We're not a business...we're not a non-profit...we're just two people separated by a thousand miles (I'm in Texas; she's in South Carolina) who share a concern and desire to help those who *need* our help.


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