Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What the...


Cash continues to be difficult to catch.  I had to follow him around for 15 minutes the other day before he let me lay a hand on his halter.  I did have the baby monitor on me and it initially was on but when he gave it a wayward glance I turned it off and stuffed it in my pocket. 

When I turned him out yesterday after catching him and messing with him I practiced putting the rope over his neck, the first time I casually did it he jumped and about bolted--a reaction I was totally unprepared for!! So, I worked with that a bit until he calmed down, then I let him loose with praise and lots of cookies.

Today, the wind picked up and with temps only hovering around 30*F today my barn owner went out to blanket the horses to keep them cozy with the dropping wind chill.  However, she called me and said that when she went to put the blanket on him he spooked and pulled the halter out of her hand and took off and would not let her catch him again.

So, I'm stumped.

A month ago I could walk out there and put his blanket on with no halter, no lead, nothing.  He would see me and come walking up to be caught.  Now he's back to square 1.  I don't get it.

Guess I see lots of de-sensitization in the future... and lots of loves n hugs n goodies to make him want to be caught again.


That would be so frustrating. No advice here--I haven't had to play with a hard to catch horse in ages.

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