Sunday, January 6, 2013

A horse eating ... baby monitor?


When I go to the barn I have to take lil Baby K with me since I obviously can't leave her alone at home. We have a heated office in the tack room so I put her in her car seat in there with a little portable mobile and a baby monitor to listen to her. Using a little clip I hook the receiver on my jeans so that I can listen for her while I go about my business messing with the ponies. 

Sometimes, when I get in certain places on the property, while I'm not out of range, it will pick up a little static.  In addition, my two older step-kids who often come with me will go into the office to get warm and they'll sit and chatter quietly which will obviously come across the baby monitor.

On Thursday, when I went out to the dry lot to get Cash, this combination of static noise and idle kid chatter was coming through, while I didn't have it turned up super loud, it was loud enough for me, and thus the horses, to hear.  As I got close to Cash, I went to hand him a cookie while swinging the rope over his neck to catch him, like I always do.  But, he heard that sound, and it was not what he was expecting. His response?

"I'm outta here!"

He then decided he was not going to be caught, and for the next ten minutes, stayed frustratingly just out of reach.... observe:


Yeah, you are soooo not catching me
 He finally decided to let him approach him.  I figured that trying to get a halter on him wasn't that big of a deal anymore so decided to just give him some love and scratches instead.  Besides, at this point the kids were hollering at me over the baby monitor that they had to go bathroom and wanted to go home.
Aaahhh, that hits the spot
He then followed me like a puppy dog back to the gate. Booger.


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